Thomas Bekker Photographer Pilot

Thomas A. Bekker | Photographer—Owner

Thomas is a professional photographer and cameraman willing to head out at 4 am to get the best light on a building, or staying all day in the studio perfecting the light for a beverage shot. His love of architecture must have been genetic, you can often see Thomas and his architect brother work together. He’s also a volunteer firefighter in Annecy.


Timothy J. Green | Director—Producer

With over 15 years experience, Tim has worked in every aspect of professional productions. He’s our director and producer. Specializing in outdoor sports, Tim is an acrobatic paragliding/paramotoring pilot and extreme skier, capable of skiing backwards down the mountain with a stabilized camera on his back. Tim is the ultimate MacGyver of the team capable of fixing any situation with a single piece of gaffer tape.

Anthony Titifanua Ninja Assistant.jpg

Anthony Titifanua | Ninja—Assistant

Anthony is THE key to every successful job. Always being a step ahead of everyone, he makes the production move. With a deep love for new technology he will find a tool, or create one to meet all projects challenges. He’s also the most multilingual of the team, English, Fiji, Hindu, French. Thanks to Anthony we can serve most of Asian countries without a language barrier.

You need THE team on your next project ? We will jump on the first plane to meet you if need be !